Friday, March 25, 2011

Award Winning Author Showcases Canyon Creek Students' Book Trailers

The Skype call with author Phil Bildner posted in January came full circle today with a final call between the author and the fifth graders.  The students submitted the book trailers that were done in collaboration with Mr. Bildner earlier in this month. Their trailers promoting The Hallelujah Flight and The Unforgettable Season can be found on Getting I.T. Right @ Canyon Creek and on the author's website.  This project was such a success that School Library Journal featured the story in their magazine as well.  The article, Librarian Helps Students, Author Create Book Trailers, originally appeared in the newsletter Extra Helping.

Mr. Bildner loved the trailers and was thrilled to have provided the students with a "real life" learning experience.The students had to work together as a team to create and produce these trailers. During the Skype call Mr Bildner talked to the students about the project and asked for their input for feature projects.  The students answers were insightful and helpful. They noticed that the projects began disorganized and that as their ability to work as a group progressed organization emerged. The students and Mr, Bildner also discussed the importance of technology  and learning how to use Movie Maker. Mr Bildner stressed how the  storyboarding for the project was just another form of writing process  All the students expressed how much they enjoyed and learned while doing this project. At the end of the call  the author had a surprise for the students. Earlier in the week he sent two boxes to the school. Inside the boxes were personalized and autographed copies of his books featured in the trailers. Each student was given the book from the trailer they produced. This was an amazing opportunity for the students that they will remember for their lifetime.

A big  THANK YOU to Phil Bildner for sharing his love of learning, encouragement, generosity and for just being an all around great guy!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Awesome Advertising

As part of their media literacy unit, fifth graders learned about product advertising. Using the information learned from the unit the students worked in pairs to create a product. Then the students had to write a script and perform the advertisement for their product. The ad had to included a slogan, a illustrated background, a targeted audience and at least one ad technique. The results are worthy of a big sham WOW!