Friday, December 12, 2014

BrainPop (by Gabriel)

Brainpop was invented for kids in school to learn many things, such as math, history, science, social studies, technology, health, arts and music.
A lot of countries us Brainpop. 25% schools in the United States use Brainpop. As well as Mexico, UK, Israel, France, Spain and several other countries use Brainpop.
The other countries has adapted to the videos by changing English, to their language. If they did not know our language, they would not be able to understand what they were saying.
Brainpop was invented by Avraham Kadar,because he wanted to show mental concepts by using animations.
Teachers and people are using Brainpop to help them learn new subjects, and to show English for kids who don’t speak English, as a second language. Also, it can be used to review a topic before they take a test on that subject.
Brainpop has a lot of awards, such as the 2013 Featured Movie App, The Learning Award, The Learning Magazine Award Of Excellence, and a lot more awards.
We have used Brain Pop a lot  of times to help us learn the European Exploration.