Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Hall Mall Commercials

Third graders at Canyon Creek created commercials to advertise their Fall Hall Mall crafts. The students worked in groups to create these commercials and fall crafts to sell at their annual Fall Hall Mall. The students learned about persuasive writing and advertisements. Proceeds will be used for a field trip to Mckinney Roughs.

Fifth Graders "Adopt" a Soldier

Mrs. Montgomery's and Mrs. Terry's classes "adopted" a soldier currently stationed in Afghanistan! The classes have been able to Skype with Sergeant Emerson, a member of the Air Force on several occasions. Sergeant Emerson has challenged the classes to a PT fitness goal that requires both exercise and math. This challenge is to complete 10,000 pushups, sit ups and squats before he returns in the January. The classes work together on completing this goal and chart their progress daily. In addition, to learning about his life in Afghanistan, the students also participated in a service project by sending a care package to the soldier. The students are looking forward to meeting Sergeant Emerson when he returns to the United States in January.