Monday, December 16, 2013

Math Excels with Excel

A trip to the computer lab, made math a bit easier for fifth graders as they learned that understanding formulas can allow spreadsheet programs like Excel to do the math work for them. Fifth graders were given the following situation:
*Your boss has given you two choices of salary schemes. You have to decide which of the choices will permit you to reach your goal of $1000 the fastest. These are the two choices:
1.Your salary will be doubled each day. You will earn $1 the first day $2 the second day, $4 the
third day and so on. OR
2. Your salary will increase $3 each day. You will make $3 the first day, $6 the second day, $9 the third day and so on.
The students completed this assignment on paper. They used problem-solving skills to identify the patterns and create the formulas needed to determine how to reach their goal the fastest. Then the classes went to computer lab and learned how spreadsheets can help manage data. They also learned how to create a line graph with date after completing their table.